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Walking Backwards as a Medication And as an Exercise

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Who would say that walking backward has so many advantages for our health, and as a good exercise. We still find it very funny, while to Japanese and Chinese people it is completely normal.

You might think at first that it is something only kids do when they are playing, but Japanese learned long ago that walking backward, even jogging, you burn more calories than when you walk or run properly. According to some averments, 100 steps backward is equal to 1000 steps forward. A good enough reason to try this exercise, isn’t it? But, be patient – this practice has a lot more benefits.

However, it is believed that this exercise has its origins in China. It is mentioned in old Chinese writings even before the Qin dynasty (221-207 BC). Some mythological beings and immortals are mentioned that walked back around the world. Anyway, the story is certainly not pointless, only maybe a little less familiar to Europeans and Westerners.

To whom is it recommended

Besides being excellent for losing weight it is recommended as a rehabilitation exercise, especially for people who had knee or joint injuries. But, it is excellent also for the ones that: suffer from hip muscle, groin and lower back strains; Achilles tendon, ankle strain, lower leg pains…

Walking backward is also recommended for those with body pains that already tried almost everything – from painkillers, stretching exercises…

All benefits

It is proven that running and walking backward there is less pressure on the knees, you use more energy and burn more calories faster than with ordinary running, and it is an excellent exercise for the ones that want to give their knees and joints some rest.Only 30 minutes of walking backward a few times a week can do a lot for your health and weight loss.

It is hard to get used to it at first (of course, we don’t have eyes in the back of our heads), but that is also good because our senses activate better and they are directed to caution, so we mend our balance, sight, and hearing.

If you walk backward 10 to 15 minutes for 4 days a week, 4 weeks in a row you will greatly fix the flexibility of your tendons. Not only that you burn calories faster, but you improve the cardiovascular system.

How to walk backward properly

To check if this exercise manageable for you, make 10 steps forward and 9 steps backward to check your balance. After that find a flat area, with no traffic and crowds and walk backward about 20 meters.

After this, if you master this skill, you can run backward or from time to time spend 10 minutes walking backward on a treadmill, but in the beginning as slowly as possible. Be careful in the beginning, so you don’t bump into other people (according to where you work out) and turn on all of your senses.

If you start walking backward outside, check if the path is clear (park or path for running are the best choices) and from time to time look over your shoulder.

When you wish to switch to running, do it very slowly, only when you mastered walking. Running backward will make you thin, and you will improve your balance. If you run professionally this exercise is certainly very helpful if you want to improve your scores.

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