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Use the Best Sleep Positions to Avoid Back and Neck Pain

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Have you ever awaken from sleep only to find yourself feeling sore and stiff? These are the days when not even the most exciting plans, the perfect group of friends or your favorite caffeine beverage can help; not even the trusty pain pill you keep for headaches or muscle aches.

When you sleep through the night in an awkward or bad position, your whole day will often suffer. Unfortunately, such pain points can linger for days, weeks or even months if you do not address the issue. Everyone has their favorite sleep position, however, it may not be the most beneficial way to fall asleep, in fact, it might very well be the reason for your cranky perspective upon waking.

Most likely you have gone through life with phantom back or neck pains which you at once attributed to a night of tossing and turning, so, the spinal column probably did not come across your mind as having a part to play. Our spine is essential in holding our body together, yet, it can be taken for granted time and again. You have probably seen a diagram of vertebrae in the doctor’s office and perhaps your eyes blurred at the intricacy of the spinal column, but truly, it isn’t complicated to give yourself a good night’s sleep.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are sleeping in a position that will ensure a very small amount of strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround the spine.

If you are a person who suffers from shoulder pain, then you probably agree that a sleeping position on your back is the most comfortable. An easy way to make sure that you give yourself enough support is to choose a pillow to put beneath your lower back and your knees. This allows your lumbar curve to have less strain as well as the sciatic nerve of the lower back.

side sleeper is the next, most common sleep position. It is important to lie parallel to the mattress, you can do this with a support pillow under your neck, as well as a pillow under your waist and between your knees. It is easy to strain your lower back if you do not add the second pillow because it could twist your back throughout the night and cause pain.

stomach sleeper can gain the best position by keeping a back support pillow underneath the hips, this keeps the lumbar curve at the right position to ease back pain.

As you have probably noticed, the right sleep position is all about a correct amount of support for your different anchor points, which are the crucial areas that affect the overall health of your spines, such as the neck, lower back, knees, and waist. Buying a high-quality mattress is another great tip for gaining the best night of sleep.

You need a mattress that is specific to your needs, as well as a good support pillow for the neck so that you can avoid the horrible back and neck pain that plagues so many people. If you are a person who has suffered continuously because of past back injuries, then this is a great way to ease some of the pain that you feel. Even if you are someone who only seems to feel these annoying twinges every so often, you will surely benefit from a better sleeping position.

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