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Top 10 reasons not to diet

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    1. Diets don’t work. You lose weight and gain it right back, often regaining more than you lost (weight cycling).
    2. Dieting is dangerous and causes many deaths and injuries every year.
    3. Diets are expensive and without value.
    4. Dieting causes fatigue, lightheadedness, saps your energy and strength.

      Dieting disrupts normal eating, causes bingeing, overeating and chaotic feeding pattern.


      Dieting increases food preoccupation, so half your day or more is spent thinking about food and weight.


      Dieting diminishes women, subverting their dreams and ambitions, keeping them playing the anticipation game. There’s a lot more to life than this.


      Dieting stunts the growth and development of young people, mentally, emotionally and physically.


      Dieting increases size prejudice, makes people more judgmental and critical of themselves and others.


      Dieting lowers self-esteem, feelings of well-being. Instead, accepting and respecting yourself as you are brings confidence, health and a sense of wellness and wholeness.

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