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The Best Time to Exercise

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Have you ever wondered what is the best time to work out? Is it in the morning, noon or evening? We bring you an answer to this question.

There are people who get up early every morning at half-past five to do their exercises before they go to work. These are the people that glow and are full of energy because they did their share for the day. On the other hand, there are those that sneak out during lunchtime, go to the gym or go running in the nearby park to energize for the next part of a workday. The third kind can swear that working out after the workday is over has anti-stress effects. Who is right?

Most of us organize their fitness activities according to other obligations during the day. The question is, is there a time of the day when exercising will be most effective? We bring you the pros and cons of exercising in a certain time of the day, and you decide what you think is best.

Exercising in the morning

People that get up every morning to work out are usually more devoted, more dedicated and they exercise more often than those who leave physical activity for the other part of the day because it is highly unlikely that at six A.M. some important duty will pop up and disrupt the plan for exercising.On the other hand, a lot of experts believe that if you want to lose weight, the best time to work out is definitely before breakfast.The body exhausts sugars and carbohydrates very easily in the morning and it switches very quickly to burning fat.

What if you cannot exercise on an empty stomach?

In that case, eat a small snack before breakfast, yogurt, ten almonds, a piece of toast or some fruits will be quite enough.

Early risers say that morning exercise improves mood, increases the level of physical and mental energy.

Exercising during lunch time

If you cannot take the time to work out regularly, physical activity during lunchtime will serve the purpose. At that time your reactions are faster, lung capacity is improved, and you do the exercises with less effort because you are kind of already warmed up, and your muscles and joints are flexible. That greatly reduces the risk of injury. Your body temperature reduces heartbeats and relaxes the blood pressure. All of that increases your strength and energy which pushes you to try even harder.

Besides physical benefits of exercising during lunchtime, there are also mental benefits that include increased blood flow to the brain which affects your concentration and makes it easier for you to end a workday.

The downside of exercising during lunch break is because exercising must be short.

Exercising in the evening

In the afternoon and in the evening your body is in a completely different biological state than in the morning. This, in most cases, is the time of the highest biological efficiency for most people. The best sports performances and world records usually occur late in the afternoon or in the evening.

Exercising in the evening is the best if you want to build muscles and get stronger because muscles warm up throughout the whole day, and certain hormones that are needed for strengthening the body are at higher levels at that time.

Evening exercising can also help you to regulate the amount of food that you will eat for dinner, and it is also a great way to fight against stress after a long workday.

The only downside of exercising in the evening is that it can disrupt your sleep and that is why it is best to finish with exercising 1-3 hours before going to bed.

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