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Stem Cell Transplant

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What do you understand by the term ‘stem cell transplant’?  It is a technique where the stem cells are used for doing the medical treatments and enhancing the chances of patient’s survival by treating the life-threatening diseases like cancers, blood disorders, etc.

Treatments procedures like chemotherapy are done with the help of these stem cells as they are injected in the body to kill the cells which are cancerous. In the intense chemotherapy, the patient requires more of the stem cells for fulfilling the stem cell requirements of the body and also for generating normal cells in the body. Due to the transplant of the stem cells in the body, medical professionals use the term ‘stem cell transplants’ for such procedures.


The procedure of stem cell transplant is a very intense process; it includes replacement of a patient’s defected or withered cells of the body with healthy stem cells so that the withered cells are replaced and the patient can get recovered from the disease.

Mainly these cells are present in the tissue of the body, inside the bones. They are divided into three different types of cells-White blood cells, Red blood cells, and the blood platelets. All these three types of cells are very important for the body function. If, counting of any one type of blood cells decreases, the body can fall ill.

For doing the transplants, the stem cells are taken from the bone marrow of the patient. In many cases, the umbilical cord blood cells are also used for doing the treatments but this option is only available if the patient’s umbilical cord blood is saved and stored after the delivery. The Embryonic stem cells are very powerful as they have the ability to develop into any kind of cell which is not same with the bone marrow cells. Even Embryonic stem cells can multiply themselves so they are required less in amount as compared to the other one.

The stem cell transplant process is used for the various treatments:

  • Thalassemias, aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia, etc. are serious blood diseases in which the body is unable to generate red blood cells. Thus, in these cases, the body requires external support of stem cells.
  • Different types of cancers in which chemotherapy is used, stem cells are required for fulfilling the body’s requirement of stem cells.
  • Immune-related diseases also require stem cells for treatment procedure as the body stops making white blood cells which guard the immune system of the body. As a result, the body becomes weak and leads to many life-threatening diseases.

Thus, with the help of stem cells, many different types of diseases can be cured. No doubt that the bone marrow cells can be used for such treatments but its best to save and store umbilical cord blood cells as they are easy to collect and can be used for every type of Stem cell transplant treatment.

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