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Secrets For Growing Healthier And Stronger Nails

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If you’re tired of having brittle, dull nails, then you might be looking for ways to grow healthier ones. While some give up on this dream and turn to acrylic nails, growing and maintaining healthy nails has numerous benefits. Keeping your nails healthy naturally really only requires a few maintenance and diet changes that anyone can make. Use these tips in order to grow healthy and beautiful nails that you’ll be proud to flaunt!

Nutrition Matters

Your diet is one of the key ways to build healthy nails. In fact, many times doctors and dietitians will look at a person’s nails to see signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Of course, you always want to follow a healthy diet, but there are a few main foods that you should try to include in order to see great results. Fresh foods like apples, asparagus, cucumbers, grapes, and onions all contain micronutrients that can help you build strong, healthy nails. You also can get a healthy dose of nutrients from eggs, nuts, salmon, seeds, and tuna as well as whole grains. Make sure that these foods are contained in your diet in order to see the best results.

Avoiding Foods

In addition to including these foods, there are some foods you want to exclude. As much as possible, avoid sugar, especially processed sugar, and alcohol. These two can lead to brittle, unhealthy nails. It’s probably not possible to avoid them completely, but try to cut back on the amount you consume every day.

Lifestyle Changes

You’re also going to need to make a few specific changes to your routine. One of the keys to building healthy nails is to let them be. It’s tempting to use nails as tools, and they can be very handy around the house, but using them for your daily chores actually weakens the nails and makes them more prone to cracking. You also want to avoid any bad habits like biting your nails or removing hangnails by pulling at them. Always make sure to treat your nails gently. They’re much more delicate than you realize so avoid doing anything with them that could damage the nails.

Length Matters

While having long nails is always nice, you’re going to notice that it’s much hard to keep them looking good when they’re too long. It’s recommended to keep nails fairly short in order to prevent breakage, and you can usually gauge about how long is a good length. When in doubt, keep them on the shorter side. A well-manicured nail doesn’t have to belong in order to be elegant, so spend more time on nail care to achieve a healthy look.
Cuticle Care

The cuticles are an area that most people abuse, but for the most part, you want to leave them alone. Unless you’re getting a manicure done by a professional, avoid cutting or playing with this area of the hand. No matter what other people may tell you, the cuticle can be very easily damaged, and lead to unhealthy, brittle nails so it’s best left on its own. Remember also that your nails are not dead, and they require moisturizing just like the rest of your body. Whenever you’re applying lotion to your hands, be sure to spend some time rubbing a little into your nails. This is a great way to promote healthy nail growth.
Trim Regularly

Finally, make sure to trim your nails regularly or as needed. Use an emery board to smooth any rough edges and keep one handy in case one breaks while you’re out and about. Use your nail file delicately, as the traditional sawing motion can actually damage the nail bed. Nail styles can vary from flat to pointed, but the best shape to file your nails into is the curve of your finger. File a delicate curve into the nail. This ensures that you have a smooth nail which will be less likely to catch on anything and also prevents breaking. Keep up with your nails in order to have the healthiest ones possible.

These are some easy ways to achieve healthy, beautiful nails. No matter what you’ve tried in the past, it’s not too late to have the nails you’ve always dreamed about. Use these tips to create glowing nails without having to turn to acrylic ones.

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