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How Secondhand Smoke Hurts Your Children

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It is reported that one out of nine children that are under six years old breathe in secondhand smoke on a regular basis.  Are you considering hypnotherapy to stop smoking or any other smoking aids but you are not sure if you are ready for the commitment?  If you have children or if you are around them on a regular basis, here are some smoking facts about how children are affected by your secondhand smoke every time you exhale.

Studies prove that children with parents that smoke gets sick far more often than children with non-smoking parents.  Their lungs grow less and they get pneumonia and bronchitis more often.  Coughing and wheezing are also common issues.  Secondhand smoke not only triggers asthma attacks, it can make symptoms worse and it can even cause it to develop in children that have not had it before.  Over 40 percent of children that are rushed to the emergency room due to an asthma attack live with smokers and a severe attack can be deadly.

One of the less talked about smoking facts that you may not know is that children who breathe in secondhand smoke get ear infections more often.  This problem may seem small but often it results in the child needing surgery so that tubes can be placed in them for drainage.  Ear infections can cause a great deal of discomfort in children.


Of course, one of the most popular smoking facts that you are probably aware of is that your children can get lung cancer from your second-hand smoke.  It also causes other premature diseases and deaths in children including sudden infant death syndrome, severe asthma, and respiratory infections.  Breathing in secondhand smoke slows lung growth.

Scientific evidence proves that there is not a safe level of secondhand smoke exposure so even one cigarette is harmful.  It immediately hurts the heart as well as the blood circulation and over time can also cause heart disease.

Think carefully

You would not put a cigarette in your child’s mouth so why would you harm them just a much with the smoke that you exhale?  The smoking facts do not lie.  Children are dying every day because of breathing in second-hand smoke.  If you have tried to quit smoking naturally but have been unsuccessful, hypnotherapy to stop smoking has been proven quite effective as is laser acupuncture.  Make the choice to quit today before more damage is done.

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