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OMG Diet

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OMG or Oh My God Diet is one of the more bizarre weight loss suggestions. Still, the book ”Six Weeks to OMG” that explains the principles of this diet has become a bestseller in record time and sold even more copies than the most popular Dukan diet.

The author of this diet is a personal trainer, Venice Fulton, who has postulated his theory after analyzing a series of studies about metabolism and body weight.

The plan has originally been designed only for the VIP Hollywood clients, but has quickly become widely available in the above mentioned and already sold out the book.

In order to lose 10 kilograms, reduce cellulite, flatten the stomach, and improve the appearance of your hair in six weeks, as mister Fulton promises, you need to stick to the following instructions:

OMG dietary tricks

  • Skip breakfast since it is not, according to the author, the most important meal of the day. By skipping breakfast, you are allowing your body to burn fat since the early morning. Physical exercise should be done instead of eating breakfast.
  • Drink black coffee instead of eating breakfast (without sugar and milk), because coffee is a well-known stimulant that burns fat if drank on an empty stomach. According to Mr. Fulton, this effect can last from 4 to 5 hours.
  • Bathe in cold water in the morning (water temperature should be between 15 and 20°C), because the bath will wake up the dormant metabolism and activate the fat burning in order to keep the normal body temperature. If the very thought of this terrifies you, you can just dip your legs in cold water for 15 minutes.
  • Limit the intake of carbohydrates to a maximum of 120 g per day. The source of carbohydrates is not important, which is why, according to the author, carbohydrates found in broccoli are equally as bad as the ones found in Coca-Cola, and all of them should be avoided.
  • Avoid fruit smoothies and beverages, but limit your general fruit intake, because fruit contains fructose, which encourages the occurrence of fats and does not provide you with the feeling of satiety.
  • Eat 3 meals per day and skip the snacks, since this will help you to control your appetite more easily, and the long periods without food with encouraging your body to burn fats.
  • Eat during the daylight, because eating under artificial lights can influence the hormone levels and have a negative influence on the way that your body “acts“ with the consumed calories.

OMG Diet Advantages

As bizarre as it sounds, this diet does not entirely lack the scientific foundation. The suggestion to eat during the day and not at night makes sense because a series of studies that show that late evening meals contribute to the accumulation of the redundant kilograms exists.

Likewise, it is true that coffee, as a nervous system stimulant, encourages the burning of fats and that a cold bath will wake up the metabolism. However, the question of how long its effects will last remains unanswered.

 OMG Diet Disadvantages

The idea that breakfast should be skipped does not agree with the hundreds of studies that show that the persons who regularly eat breakfast maintain their body weight more easily than the ones who do not eat breakfast on regular basis.

Being that this is a protein diet, it is to be expected that it is rich in saturated fats with undesirable effects on the heart and blood vessels.

Moreover, this diet lacks the complex carbohydrates that provide energy, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Constipation and bowel diseases are possible due to the lack of dietary fibers and the risk of kidney disease and osteoporosis increases, due to the exaggerated protein intake.

Loss of kilograms that this diet promise is exaggerated, which gives us a clue that this diet could slow down the basal metabolism and lead to a significant weight gain, especially because this diet is not a long-term plan.

This diet lacks the concrete instructions for all food groups, which leaves a huge gap for the intake of the unhealthy foods.

Menu example


  • Black coffee without sugar or milk


  • Chicken risotto


  •  Fresh fasting cheese


  • Salmon filet and grilled vegetables

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