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Most Common Foot Injuries In Sports

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Athletic foot injuries are one of the most difficult to properly assess, diagnose, and treat. This is largely due in part to the fact that the feet are bearing the weight of the entire body; the foot is understandably under a tremendous amount of physical stress.

With many sports, the foot takes on the most stress and will absorb the greatest amount of tremendous shearing and loading forces, to be exact sometimes experiencing over 20 times a person’s body weight; which is why all doctors express the need to maintain weight. The physicians that treat these foot injuries as a result of sporting events are required to have a very good understanding of the anatomy and kinesiology of a person’s foot.

Most Common Injuries

While most anything can happen to your feet without much force or stress, there are 3-foot injuries that are most common in Sports. Although these are common they are still a bit complex for a number of reasons.

Sprained Ankles

Often caused by a stretching or tearing of the ligaments that are located around the ankle joints, sprained ankles take the spot for the most common sporting injury that anyone and everyone will experience many times in their life. It is by far simply too easy for a person to roll their foot; especially jump down in the wrong way or by colliding with another person on the playing field. There are so limitless opportunities for someone who is playing a sport to sprain their ankle at any time.

Stress Fractures

Coming in second place is Stress fractures. Stress Fractures result in overuse and develop over a period of time because of the repetitive motion of your feet or the force in which you place your feet. They are most common to see when an athlete gives themselves too little of time to rest in between workouts over a long stretch of time. Most commonly found in runners and those that are involved in sports that have a lot of running like soccer; the repeated pounding that is done to the foot will cause a stress fracture to develop.

Plantar Fasciitis

Defined as a heel injury that results in a lot of heel pain; this pain has a tendency to be more pronounced in the morning at the moment a person gets out of bed. It is very common in people who are constantly on their feet and put a lot of strain on them whether it is running or standing. Many athletes have found themselves with plantar fasciitis not just because of how often they are found on their feet but rather also because they do not wear the proper footwear. Proper footwear is a very important key for anyone who plays a sport. If your shoe is too tight or it does not provide the right amount of support then injuries are likely to happen.

What can be done to Ease Pain?

While I am not a medical professional, anyone will tell you that the best thing you can do for yourself and the healing of your injury is to rest. Many doctors will tell you to alternate between ice and heat while keeping your foot elevated. It is very essential to see a medical professional as they can order x-rays to be taken for a more in-depth knowledge of what is the exact cause of your pain.

Foot injuries are not fun, more than anything they can take away your fun but it is very important for you to take the proper time to care for yourself and tend to your injuries until healing has taken place so that you do not take the chance on injuring yourself further only to cause more harm than good.

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