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How Vitamins And Minerals Affect Acne

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One of the main issues tackling our future health is proper nutrition. In order to obtain sufficient support for renewal of skin cells, refreshment of tissues and detoxification of organs you must eat properly. This means that you should take care of food versatility and vitamin rich diet. Improper eating can cause many health issues, not only the appearance of acne.

If your body lacks vitamins and minerals it will be more susceptible to illnesses of different types. Research shows that only 30% of American population consumes the recommended dose of vegetables; not to mention an unhealthy reduction of water and fruit as a natural source of glucose, but opposite, consumption of processed sugar is upward.

If you want to cure acne, you should know some basic facts about what causes them. Until today it is not clear what the direct cause of acne is, but it is known how they work. The pores on human face get closed and block sebum (oil) release on the face, and that is how acne appears. The reasons for the collapse of pores could be anything from genetics, hormones, stress, food or lack of vitamins; or a combination of all mentioned.

The main factors in fighting acne are Vitamins A, B, C, E, Zinc, and Chromium. Research shows that every tenth American has a sufficient regular daily intake of vitamins or minerals. This can be traced back to poor nutrition or wrong choice of food. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that vitamin deficiency can cause a number of health issues and certainly influence the appearance of acne.

Here are some explanations about how proper vitamin intake can help fight acne.

Vitamin A

If you have Vitamin A deficiency you will certainly suffer from acne. This vitamin is responsible for the well-being of skin by helping renew the protective tissue from the skin and mucous membranes. Furthermore, Vitamin A can cause a decrease in sebum production and help prevent acne. It also has a valuable antioxidant role in our body which helps clean the organism and aid detoxification.

B complex

The vitamins from B complex have several different functions. Their main role is in the area of stress-reduction, which has been discovered to cause the appearance of acne. The Complex B vitamins should be taken together.  And now let’s take a closer look at different components of B-Complex and how they affect acne. If your body lacks Niacinamide you will certainly suffer from acne, because this substance is responsible for carbohydrates’ digestion and helps circulation.

A similar effect comes from thiamine, which is also an antioxidant. The growth and health of hair, skin, and nails are regulated by riboflavin, which also helps Vitamin A. Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid is a good stress-releaser which also acts on adrenal glands. Finally, Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, protects the immune system and stimulates the production of antibodies.

Vitamin C

Your body is in need of Vitamin C for a great number of correct body functions. It is called “super vitamin” and is also essential in curing acne. It is of crucial importance for detoxification of the body, renewal of tissue and aiding immunity system, especially against different infections. However, people suffering from diabetes should consult a doctor about the amount of Vitamin C that they intake.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also what your body needs to resolve acne problems. It is a great antioxidant, which means that it acts against free radicals and oxidation of fats. In this way, Vitamin E helps cell and tissue renewal.

Zinc is affecting oil glands and thus helping fight against acne in two different ways: it renews tissues and works against the appearance of scars, but it is also a powerful immune system helper and antioxidant acting on toxins and free radicals.


Another natural acne remedy is chromium. It helps not only acne-trouble but also problems with excess weight. This substance is scarce in food, which is why it should be taken as a supplement. In that way, it will be absorbed better and one does not have to worry about losses in a food processor or high levels of sugar which can influence it.


Zinc deficiency can also cause acne. This element is important for proper functioning of oil glands and it helps tissue renewal and healing, together with decreasing face scars.

If you want to have a healthy life, you need a proper amount of vitamins daily. Usually, a multivitamin supplement with added chromium can suffice for a day. But if you are not sure about the usage of such supplements you should read about it on the package or visit a doctor. You should never overdo it with vitamins and minerals because any substance used in larger quantities than needed can affect your body in the worst possible way. The way to beauty goes through the healthy and nourished organism. This means that vitamins will certainly help you get rid of acne and have a healthy and beautiful skin.

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