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How to Counter Urinary Incontinence

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If you have suffered an embarrassing moment when you were unable to reach the toilet in time, it may be the symptom of a more serious problem that you need to consult your doctor about. You should not let your imagination run wild, however, because modern medicine and specialist service companies do have answers to the problem you may be facing: incontinence.


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Doctor’s diagnosis

When you go to your doctor, there is a chance that he or she will ultimately refer you to a specialist urologist – but not before you explain the symptoms you have suffered that led you to arrange the appointment in the first place. There may be nothing in your medical history that points to such a problem – the answer may be some tests.

A brief examination will reveal whether you have any tumors blocking the urinary tract or whether your reflexes are slower than normal, a sign that the cause of the problem may be nerve issues.

The doctor needs to know whether there is any damage to the urinary muscles. The test for this involves drinking some water and passing it into a measured container. The difference between the volume drunk and the urine passed is retained within the bladder. This is a way to measure bladder capacity and indicate whether there is a muscular problem or not.

The cause

There are several other causes that can be identified by a few tests. Here are just three examples:

  • If you relax and then cough, is there any discharge? That is a sign of stress incontinence, one of a number of forms of incontinence.
  • A blood test will identify any problems.
  • Ultrasound is something that can provide a rough picture of your internal organs.

On occasion, your doctor may ask you to keep a diary over the coming days noting the number of times you urinate and the volume of urine each time.

Treatment and support

Whichever form of incontinence you may have, there is a remedy for it – and once the diagnosis is completed, the treatment will start. Whatever that treatment involves, you can also get help from a supplier that specializes in waterproof clothing as well special home furniture and products that can minimize your inconvenience.

Incontinence is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but it is manageable and treatable. The management element is best handled by contacting a company that specializes in the problem and is sympathetic to it and its effects. There is an increasing number of products on the market to help, and more are being developed all the time.

At the Customary Store, for instance, you can find just about anything you need. You should take a look at all the support that is out there to help you live a normal life. It will certainly boost your confidence to be able to carry on with your normal activities without needing to keep yourself close to a toilet at all times.

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