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How to Celebrate Healthy Weight Week

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Educational activities for Health Centers, Schools,
Communities, and Individuals

Events: Sponsor health fairs, school programs and other events focusing on healthy lifestyle choices and how to be healthy at the size we are now, without dieting. Sponsor physical activity events and programs.

Handouts: Several handouts available at this website. Also use handouts on healthy nutrition, physical activity, positive body image. (Avoid handouts which focus on so-called ideal weight, self-defeating weight loss, dieting or food restraint.)

Exhibits: Develop exhibits for hospitals, health centers, libraries, malls, kiosks, fitness centers, and campus housing. Exhibits on healthy lifestyle and being healthy at any size are appropriate; also quackery exhibits and education on the harm done by weight loss fraud and fads.

Bulletin boards: Posters on bulletin boards; handouts in health centers and public places.

Print media: Write articles for newspapers, magazines, professional newsletters and health publications about Healthy Weight Week and how to make healthy choices in today’s world. (News Release on this page may be used and localized.) Write letters to the editor.

Radio and television: Ask talk show hosts to focus on healthy lifestyle during the week, weight loss quackery on Tuesday, women’s weight issues on Thursday. Plan special programs if time available through public service.


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