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How to lose weigth fast [Extended Guide]

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Try Different Cardio

For those of you that like to exercise in a gym using cardio machines (e.g. stair stepper, elliptical, and treadmills…) rotate which machine you use on a day-to-day basis. Not only will this help your body get the maximum effect from your workout; but it will also help protect your body from injury since the repetitive motions of these machines can increase the risk of injury when you do something else for the first time. Using different machines also prevent your body from getting used to one specific machine. When your body is working something new, it will continue work out your muscles, burn fat, and keep up your metabolism. So don’t get comfortable! Have some fun and switch up your routine.

Feed Yourself With Push-Ups

Every time you are hungry, do a set of push-ups. It’s very difficult to simultaneously feel hunger and do a push-up. Doing push-ups will speed up your metabolism and temporarily curb your hunger. Simply, you’re helping your body feel less hungry while burning more fat. Other benefits provided by push-ups are metabolism boost, burning of calories, and strength training. If you want some variation, try handstand push-ups, pull-ups, wall squats, etc.

Make It Quick

A good way to burn fat and lose weight faster is to do a total body workout in just twenty minutes. Instead of taking long breaks in between sets, rest no more than one minute. Always alternate exercises that target different body parts to keep you motivated. For example, right after doing bench press, start with some squats. After squats, immediately do shoulder, etc. If you would rather run than work out at the gym, try sprints. Sprint for as long as you can, then cool down and catch your breath. When your breathing has almost returned to normal, sprint again. Studies show that a few 30-second sprints are just as beneficial as an hour-long jog. Even if you can only sprint for about 20 seconds, just work your way up and you’ll be losing weight in half the usual time.

Get Movin’

You can’t be running on a treadmill every waking minute, but there are ways to burn some extra calories throughout the day without even really trying. When you’re sitting at your desk at work or watching TV at home, don’t sit still. You can walk in place, pretend like you’re doing bicep curls without weights, flex your abs when you’re sitting down somewhere, or anything else that adds movement to your limbs. It might be a little distracting to those around you, but it’s a great way to burn a few extra calories each day.

Shop After Dinner

It’s funny how your shopping cart always seems a little more full if you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Waiting to go shopping until after a meal – preferably dinner – has several benefits. First, you won’t be as tempted to buy things you normally wouldn’t buy if you’ve just eaten a meal and your appetite isn’t raging. Second, it gives you a chance to get a little extra exercise walking around the grocery store after the latest meal of the day. Finally, in the process of deciding what to make for dinner, you’ll have a better idea of what you do and don’t have and what you need to put on your shopping list. So save the trip to the store after a meal, and you’ll be saving yourself extra pounds AND money!

Invest In Your Feet

The majority of people don’t love running or exercising, but buying the right pair of shoes can help you like it more at least. Don’t look for the cheapest pair of running shoes you can find. Spend a little extra and make sure you try them on and take a good walk around the store before you buy them. They might cost $40 more than the cheapest pair, but it’s worth it. When your feet are comfortable, you actually run a little more than you would when running with a cheap pair of shoes. So invest a little more – anything to make that morning run less dreadful.

Don’t Sit

Sweating on the treadmill just isn’t for everyone. There are hundreds of cardiovascular workouts out there to choose from. Find out which one you actually enjoy (or just hate the least)! There are multiple kinds of stationary bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, ski machines, and every other imaginable piece of equipment. Or you can jump rope, run, sprint, swim, or find a workout routine (kickboxing, tae boe, etc) that keeps you motivated. The fact is until you find something you can somewhat enjoy you’ll never stick to it.

Break It Up

I hate running. It’s a boring, mindless activity. Thinking about running around outside for 30 minutes is all the motivation I need to stay lying right in bed where I’m at. What has helped me though is breaking up my run into segments? Instead of a 30-minute run, think of it as several 5-minute runs. Take a stopwatch along, time each run, and reward yourself with a 1-minute walk in between the 5-minute runs. By splitting up a huge chunk into small tasks, your heart rate will stay at the optimal level for burning calories while you stay more focused for shorter periods of time.

Work out with a Friend

Friends are great motivators. It is much easier to skip out on early morning workouts when you’re the only one pushing yourself to do it. By working out with a friend you are both held more accountable, and you have a partner to keep you motivated during your routine. Better yet, while you’re chatting with a friend, you’ll actually do more reps without realizing it.

Having company keeps your focus on the chatting rather than the pain or dread you feel for your workouts. Your workouts will be more satisfying and you will get to spend some good quality time conversing with a friend.

Use Laxatives

Laxatives may be a good way to clear your stomach after a large meal. Over-the counter laxatives can help you digest your food better and pass stool more easily. In other words, you’ll be losing weight by losing food! Laxatives are designed to instigate bowel movement and soak up the body’s fluids to release through your stool. That means all that nasty junk from your overly large meal can be passed through your digestive system without sitting there waiting to be stored as fat.

The thing to remember with laxatives is to drink lots of water. This sounds contradictory to the whole point of taking laxatives, but it’s important. Laxatives will very likely leave you dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, you’ll end up drinking more than you need to, canceling out any weight loss and making your body bloated.

Self Control

Exerting self-control is probably one of the hardest parts of losing weight. Sure it’s hard getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes with the lack of air and sore legs. But it’s harder to actually get yourself on the darn machine. Since reality is a little hard to face, trick your mind into it. When you’re eating a little snack, tell yourself this is a huge meal and you’re going to feel so full of it. Cut up your food into smaller pieces. Though the pieces may be smaller, you’ll have more in quantity, so convince yourself you’re actually eating more. Don’t let the bare facts get to you. Tell yourself that you are eating more with less food.

Tell Your Family and Friends

It’s important that those around you know that you are dieting. If they know, well they still may actually end up sabotaging you, eating sweet treats around you, not supporting you by going to the gym with you, etc. But at the same time, it’s going to be way worse if you don’t have their knowledge or possible support. So it’s important that you at least give them a chance. They may well surprise you with their reaction and helpful support. The best thing to do is to tell your family and friends that you are going on a diet, trying to lose weight, etc. It will always help.

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