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Things to know about Brow Lift Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery has become the newest rage among many people nowadays. Starting from women to men, from celebrities to even normal people are often seen to have chosen cosmetic surgery. As time goes by and your face ages, one of the most comprehensible problems that you can face with your face is the dropping of your eyebrows. What this might do is that it can make excess upper eyelid skin more noticeable and it will surely make your face look hideous. It is very important while being assessed for ‘baggy eyelids’ that the particular position of the eyebrow is very carefully noted too.


At times it may even be necessary to perform a brow lift surgery preceding or even while performing the surgery on the eyelids. The actual operation of eyebrow lifting can be performed either using complete open surgical procedures or using endoscopic surgery, which is, on the other hand, a little time consuming but safer. The basic idea is to perform the surgery in the hairline on the forehead where the scars will not be showcased or seen by anyone. What the brow lift UK surgery does is that it lifts the forehead area up a little bit so that is placed just above the bone and allows repositioning of the eyebrows to a more superior position giving itself a better look. But at the same time while repositioning the eyebrows, one of the muscles which exists there and which causes wrinkling to appear between the eyebrows, can also be removed to decrease noticeable wrinkling in that area and make it look better and wrinkle-free.


It should also be noted that it is very important for your surgeon to assess your general medical and condition prior to surgery. An assessment 48 hours before the surgery can do a good job and might bring into notice any problems or complications that might exist. It may be also considered necessary to take advice from other doctors too on what to do and what precautions to take and they might advise you accordingly, depending on your weight, blood pressure and general overall health. It is very important to make everything that is required to be known, known before the operation. Even after so many careful measures, complications can arise out of nowhere:

  • As the case may be with any other operation, under general anesthetic there might arise a little complication related to your heart or your lungs. Therefore you should stop smoking before your operation. Quitting smoking can also be very helpful as smoking can reduce the blood supply to the skin and therefore increase the time that the wounds will take to heal.
  • Like most surgeries, bleeding can occur. Most surgeons often use drains and place them beneath the skin to ensure the proper outlet for blood.
  • While operating on a forehead lift at times the hairline might be moved in a much superior direction. This basically depends on the laxity of the skin. This might cause forehead uplift. Having your hair brushed forward will help you disguise this.

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