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BOTOX – another shot to restore a youthful appearance

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Did you know that 88% of Botox users are women aged between 35 and 50? We live in a harsh society where it’s becoming more and more important to look young and stay beautiful. Hence, the best way to hide our age is through cosmetic surgery. Some people are afraid to go under the knife, yet they’re willing to get Botox injections. Men do it as well, but they’re not just as afraid to get old like women.

A treatment costs from $300 up to $1,000 and it can fully restore a person’s appearance. The greatest advantage of Botox is that it will make all aging signs miraculously vanish and will help you look less exhausted and jittery. If you want to get rid of fine lines around your eyes and look ten years younger, you might want to consider a Botox treatment. It’s certainly a worthy investment as long as you don’t make abuse.


The media blames Botox for dreadful outcomes because people don’t know when to stop. In the search for the perfect face, women end up looking ridiculous. That’s why the treatment gained a bad reputation, and not necessarily because it’s dangerous. In fact, Botox is one of the safest cosmetic interventions out there.

Does Botox really work?

According, a reputable plastic surgeon, the injections are made with a very small needle and they/re pain-free. The doctor claims that he rarely numbs his patients while performing the injections. They barely feel any pain thus an anesthetic would be useless. Botox results become visible in approximately five days. Some people notice the change faster, while in others it may take a while for the substance to react.

You don’t have to worry about losing your facial expressions either. Post-Botox expressions are way less dramatic than they use to be. Some patients may present unpleasant side effects, but that rarely happens. Surely, you must not get your face injected with Botox too often. Your plastic surgeon will tell you everything you must know about it and what unpleasant effects it may causes, so don’t be shy to ask if you have questions.

Botox Risks

The classic approach for injecting Botox is straightforward and the risks are nearly inexistent. Generally, doctors inject between 25 and 50 units of Botox in one session (note that up to 3,500 units are deadly). This amount is more than enough to soften patients’ skin. The treatment improves appearance by paralyzing your facial muscles; that might scare off a lot of patients yet if you’re properly informed about the procedure before getting started, everything should be just fine. Although the side effects associated with Botox are extremely rare, they do exist. Among the most severe problems that you may experience are muscle twitching, bruises, droopy eyebrow, swelling, numbness, and droopy eyelid. If the Botox goes too close to the eye muscle, you could be unable to open your eyes.

Botox isn’t safe for everyone. For instance, women who are expecting a baby and those who are breastfeeding must not undergo a Botox procedure. Similarly, individuals with particular medical issues, such as neurological and musculoskeletal ailments must avoid using the substance. Patients must always discuss with their doctor before using Botox because first and foremost they need to be sure they’re not allergic.

Botox – another shot at youth

Botox is considered a safe procedure. It is mainly appropriate for those who are afraid of going under the knife. Undergoing a Botox treatment will help you stay beautiful without making any radical changes. It is generally used in patients whose wrinkles show up when they raise their eyebrows or smile. Still, it’s useless for gravity-grown jowls or sun-damaged skin. For facial creases that have imprinted permanently over the years, some doctors elect to combine Botox with fat injections, facelifts, chemical peels, laser or eyelid surgery.

The wonder treatment was invented to prolong a youthful appearance, and when used in right amounts it can erase up to 10 years from your face.  When women look good they feel younger, rejuvenated, and full of life. If you’re in pursue the fountain of youth, getting Botox shots every once in a while might seem like a viable solution. Always remember that the treatment must be done in moderation for optimum results.

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