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6 Weird Motivators to Help You Lose Weight

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You’ve tried countless ways to motivate yourself into losing weight, and nothing seems to work. Every weight loss strategy that anyone has found success with just doesn’t seem to result in anything but failure for you. Before you give up on yourself, you might want to consider the fact that you just haven’t found the right motivation for you yet. Everyone’s different, but hopefully, you can find a brand new motivation to try out from the list below.

Start a Gym Romance

Pick out your favorite gym, and scan the place for possible candidates. Make return trips to get a sense of who the regulars are. Notice a particularly attractive gym member? This person could become the perfect motivation for your weight-loss journey. They would give you a reason to go to the gym, building up more courage (and muscle) each time to eventually go and talk to them. You don’t have to ever talk to this person, either; just a simple crush can be enough to get you off the couch and into the gym every day. If you’re already in a relationship, pick a regular to observe and try to figure out a little bit more about their backstory with every visit to the gym. You might end up making a new friend, and at the very least make each trip a bit more interesting.

Develop a Love for Bragging

Do you brag about things often? If not, you should start. People might not enjoy you, but a healthy love of bragging will help you crave more accomplishments for the ability to brag more. Just think about the bragging capabilities that come with a major weight loss. Before-and-after pictures, old pants sizes, and pictures of your healthy dinners are just a few of the wonderful things you’ll be able to share with your friends in a passive-aggressive bragging sort of way.

Go to Events with Photographers Present

Attend every party or major community event that you know is being photographed. Meet people, mingle, and have a good time. Then check your Facebook and see all the pictures you’ve been tagged in. If your weight is bothering you, you’ll get sick real quick of being tagged in unflattering photos. The only way you can get rid of these unflattering photos) and continue to go out and have fun at events is to lose that weight. Note: for this motivation to work, “untagging” your photos are officially prohibited.

Save Unicorns

Has your heart always ached for the well-being of the unicorns, but you’ve never had any idea how to help them? Well, now you can— by losing weight! Striiv Smart sells a pedometer that allows you to customize your workout routine with a series of apps and games, including a fantasy-world adventure that you can advance with your fitness progress. You can also help rebuild fantastical communities, providing a place for every mystical animal and person to live with every literal step you take. If you truly care about unicorns, this is the perfect motivation for you.

Change Your Career Goals

As you start to lose weight, you may find that you really enjoy the process of staying active and working out. For those who like it enough to make a job of it, fitness trainer certification programs are quite affordable and simple to get through these days. But before you can become an effective personal trainer, you have to go through the weight loss journey yourself to be able to relate to and truly help people.

Many people who make it through a major weight loss are filled with an overwhelming desire to share their story and experiences, so what better way than by making a career out of it? This also works if you have an overwhelming desire to yell at people.

Think About Saving your Own Life

It might be common knowledge that losing weight can help you prolong your life. But besides the heart problems and risk of diabetes, think about it from more of a hunter-gatherer society perspective. When the pack runs away from a predator, you don’t want to be the slowest one… do you? In case of a full-out zombie apocalypse, you need to be fit and ready to outrun the best of them.

We all have our quirks, and we’re all moved by different things in life. If you can find inspiration in at least one of these weight-loss motivators, then perhaps the world will be a better place filled with more braggers and fast runners.

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